A Tribute to the Menace Days

01.08.2016 News

Our friends at Louw Skateboards released A Tribute to the Menace Days. Edited by Mario Cano and filmed by Mario, Enrique Lorenzo and Felix Bollaín, Tribute includes older and previously unseen footage of original Menace riders Fabian Alomar, Eric Pupecki, Billy Valdez, Joey Suriel, Lee Smith, Steven Cales and Javier Nuñez mixed in recent footage of Louw riders Enrique Lorenzo, Octavio Barrera, Felipe Bartolomé, Pol Catena, Carlos Cardeñosa and Juan Virues.

Louw owner Enrique Lorenzo describes his friendship with the Menace team in LA back in the late ’90s: “Billy Valdez, Eric Pupecki, Steven Cales, Fabian Alomar, Joey Suriel, Lee Smith and Javier Nuñez: friends with whom I spent great moments since 1996. I met them in Chaffey, Rialto, a school where we used to skate. After moving to Hollywood with Socrates Leal and starting to shoot for World Industries, we began to skate together daily at USC, Santa Monica, Venice, Lockwood, Los Feliz… Being with them was a bit surreal. I knew who they were, but i never imagined getting to get along so well. I did not know much English and they spoke perfect Spanish, so it was easy to become good friends!”

Check the special Louw Menace Tribute Instagram account to see the special boards Louw has made to accompany the clip.

If you haven’t already, you can watch Spring Heatwave, our recent clip with Louw, here.