Beta Blockers – Palace Skateboards

15.08.2023 News

Beta Blockers, the new Palace full-length filmed entirely on Betamax over the past six years, is live and it was worth the wait. Featuring, in order of appearance: Jahmir Brown, Ville Wester, Pedro Attenborough, Lucas Puig, Jamal Smith, Heitor Da Silva, Kyle Wilson, Jake Snelling, Danny Brady, Nick Jensen, Benny Fairfax, Juan Saavedra, Karim Ian Bakhtaoui, Shinya Masuda, Savannah Keenan, Lucien Clark, Rory Milanes, Kanin Garner, Charlie Birch, new professional Shawn Powers, Billy Rohan & a really sick last part from Chewy Cannon. Edited by Lev Tanju. Filmed by: Jack Brooks, Austin Bristow & Dane ‘Morph’ Crook.