Bombastik Worldwide 2022

14.11.2022 News

After a premiere at Vladimir Film Festival back in September, Pepa Kostal, Patricio Valdes & Martin Hrivna just released their follow-up to last year’s Bombastik Euro 2021. Work on the new edit – Bombastik Worldwide 2022 – began right after Vladimir VX back in September 2021 and filming continued up until August 2022. The crew visited Prague, Malmö, Copenhagen, Turin, Rome, Budapest, NYC and Philadelphia during this period. To quote Pepa: “This independent production is a tribute to the VX cult, as well as an homage to the original Bombastik crew in Chile, out of which Claudio Donoso traveled overseas to come film, and it depicts skateboarding in its raw form.”

Bombastik Worldwide 2022 features: Patricio Valdes, Claudio Donoso, Pepa Kostal, Martin Hrivna, Vasek Stavarek, Boris Jambrich, Jakub Osten, Rene Rypar, Janina & Matza Wieschermann, Daniel Vilches, Omar Rodriguez, Martin janda, Sabrina Seifertova, Rob Wheeler, Maciej Swejda, German Pino, Carlos Pino, Efrem Sapienza, Gabriele Consoli, Marco Laria, Zakhar Soltanovskii, Zdenek Ustohal, Leslie Vesely & Martin Melichar.