Chocolate Skateboards – Bunny Hop

21.12.2021 News

The much-anticipated new Chocolate full-length is live and it was worth the wait – Bunnyhop feels like Crailtap on classic form. Great skits with some past riders, full parts from James Capps, Erik Herrera, Jesus Fernandez, Jordan Trahan, Stevie Perez, Kenny Anderson, Raven Tershy, Carlisle Aikens and Vincent Alvarez and cameos from Justin Eldridge, Chris Roberts, Andrew Brophy, Breana Geering, Cory Kennedy, Griffin Gass, Jeron Wilson, Niels Bennett, Rick McCrank, Rowan Davis, Sean Malto, Simon Bannerot and Tyler Pacheco. Bunnyhop was directed by John Marello and filmed by John Marello, Daniel Policelli and Canaan Hernandez.