Copenhagen Open 2019 gallery

10.06.2019 Exclusive, Photos

After a scaled-down event last summer split between three cities, the Copenhagen Open returned to Denmark this year in full force. Split over six days, this year’s Open saw events at some familiar locations – Fælledparken, Triangle Spot and Israels Plads – and some new ones outside the city – Roskilde, Svendborg and Rungsted – with musical entertainment from Pikolo Brass Band to make the well-lubricated commute even more fun. Two collabs were also celebrated in style with special obstacles – Pass Port & Carhartt WIP and Polar & Nike SB. Check out our gallery below by James Griffiths. (We captioned where possible, but did not know who everyone was. Apologies if you’re not credited – drop us a DM).

Rune Glifberg, stalefish
Alex Midler, frontside 360
Ishod Wair, backside kickflip
John Anderson, kickflip
Alex Midler, kickflip backside noseblunt
Amy Ram, nosepick
Maité Steenhoudt, smith
Helena Long, backside smith
Matlok Bennett-Jones, frontside heelflip
Jacopo Carozzi, nollie flip
Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg, backside 360 nosegrab
Frankie Darby
Dlamini Dlamini, varial heelflip
Kevin White
Dlamini Dlamini
Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
Rune Glifberg
Karsten Kleppan, Charlie Birch & friend
Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg & Nick Boserio
Ishod Wair, 180 switch crook
Stavros Razis, backside tailslide
Alan Letelier Diaz, kickflip
Alec Majerus, 360 flip
Dashawn Jordan, backside kickflip
Ishod Wair, frontside flip
Ishod Wair
Dannie Carlsen, tail stall
Kevin Bradley & Steve Olson
Steve Olson
Kevin White