Danny Brady & Rory Milanes Vans Safe Low Launch gallery

07.03.2024 Exclusive, Photos

Danny Brady & Rory Milanes launched their new Vans Safe Low shoes at the Palace shop in London last night. Look out for a new video by Michael J Fox, starring Danny & Rory, coming soon. All photos by Rafal Wojnowski.

Kirsty Phillips, Merryn Garner & Tyler.
Olly Todd made the journey from Sussex.
JatzDaKid, Ashura Parchment & Local Goon.
Neil Smith & Billy Lee Kerr.
Blueprint OGs, Danny Brady & Nick Jensen with Rory Milanes.
Gabriel Pluckrose providing musical entertainment.
Slam City Skates‘ Lloyd Davies & Keen Dist‘s Andrew Makepeace admiring Brady’s shoe.
Kyle Wilson & Conor Charleson.
Safe Low goodies on display.
Fanny Usher, Rob Mathieson, Lenny, Christopher Bull & Casper Brooker.
Palace Skateboards’ Torey Goodall with Brixton’s Baddest‘s Valentine Katz & Daphne Greca.
Kyle Wilson, Lucien Clarke & Torey Goodall.
Rory Milanes, Danny Brady & Tom Tanner.
Video premiere. Watch this space.
Torey Goodall & Seth Curtis.
Conor Charleson, Benny Fairfax & Casper Brooker.
PWBC OGs Danny Brady & Snowy.
Tristan Rudman & William Grundy.
Rory’s shoe on display.
Conor Charleson (again) & Michael Boardman.
Men of the moment, Danny Brady & Rory Milanes.
Helena Long & Amanda Pérez.