Death Aesthetic

17.01.2016 News

Death Aesthetic is a new Brighton scene video filmed, edited and animated by Sirus F Gahan for By The Level. Featuring: Al Hodgson, Dan Emmerson, Harry Coward, Joe Coward, Lue Gof, Reuben Toal-Gangar (Yung Swiss), Phil Cron, Mitch Wheeler, Adrien Ahnnart, Sam (Thunda) Ibekwe, Louis Antoine, Edi Pooley, Dexter Daniels, Chris Williams, Alfie Williams, Adam Martin, Tom (Shakes) Delion, Alex Barron, Harrison Woolgar, Ben Woodhouse, Phil Russell, Rupert Antoine, Marc (SA) Carter, Richard West, Jesse James, Max Weeks and Wes Knowler. Find out moe about Death Aesthetic here.