Dime Live in Paris gallery

02.10.2023 Exclusive, Photos
Korahn Gayle, switch heelflip.

Photography: Kingsford

Having enjoyed the Glory Challenges in Montreal from afar with more than a little Fomo, we were excited when Vans invited us for a long weekend to attend the Dime Live in Paris event. On Thursday evening we made our way to a packed Arrow & Beast to check out a cool, Glory Challenge-themed retrospective photo exhibit before travelling across town on Friday to visit the Dime pop-up at a prestigious location on the Seine, a stone’s throw from the Eiffel Tower. The welcome party at nearby Fluctuart went off as expected and Bryan from Dime made an appearance, tirelessly posing for photos with fans before chasing off two intruders across the Pont des Invalides. Saturday was a free day so we visited Paul Grund‘s excellent photo show at Le Bal, which was also hosting a ‘zine fair where we caught up with our old friend Sergej Vutuc. The main event took place on Sunday for which the pop-up was transported across town to an unseasonably hot Aubervilliers and slowly dismantled during the afternoon to create a series of ingenious obstacles. Spirits were high as skaters invited from across the globe hurled themselves at clothes rails, oil paintings & potted plants among other fixtures & fittings from the shop, many of which were destroyed beyond repair. We hope you enjoy the photos below. Thanks to Dime & Vans for a memorable weekend.

Detail from the Dime Vans photo exhibit at Arrow & Beast.
Rowley XLTs on display at the Dime Vans pop-up.
Dime wares for sale at the pop-up.
A skateable painting of a Volcano.
Nelly & Byran at the welcome party on Friday.
Conor bringing the hype at Sunday’s event in Aubervilliers.
Victor Pellegrin, noseblunt slide.
Kyle Walker, halfcab nosegrind revert.
Victor Pellegrin, gap to lipslide.
Chris Pfanner, backside flip melon.
Curren Caples, nosegrind.
Elijah Odom, crooked grind.
Rob Maatman, backside smith grind.
Victor Pellegrin, backside tailslide.
Rob Maatman, backside noseblunt slide.
Kyle Walker, frontside 360.
Simon Perrottet, frontside flip.
Chris Pfanner, kickflip melon.