Grey video parts 2014

24.12.2014 Exclusive, Articles

In 2014 we started producing video parts with some of our favourite skateboarders. The idea was to keep things simple: VX, no music, no roll-up shots or lifestyle filler and lots of lines. In the spirit of Christmas annual round-ups, we decided to collect them here in one post.

Jeremy Jones worked on our first Grey video part to accompany his Up interview in Grey vol. 02 issue 03. Filmed and edited by Mark Kendrick and supported by The Harmony (now sadly out of business), Jeremy’s part was released back in March.

Joe Gavin is one of our favourites at Grey, so we were excited when he agreed to work on a video part with fellow Note employee, Jim Craven. Joe broke our no music formula, instead choosing a track from his friend Omas, which we think complements his long and fast lines perfectly. Joe’s part was released in early April to coincide with his interview from vol. 02 issue 03 going online and was supported by Nike SB and Landscape.

Kyron Davis travels a lot with Nike SB and Cliché and I’m sure he won’t mind us saying, is a little hard to pin down in London. So when we asked if he’d like to work on a Grey part to accompany his interview in Grey vol. 02 issue 05, we weren’t optimistic. That made it all the more surprising when Kyron’s friend Will Miles – who we didn’t know filmed – turned in nearly three minutes of raw London street skating of the highest standard. Kyron’s part was released in late April and was supported by Nike SB and Cliché.

Jak Pietryga already had some strong VX footage filmed with Mark Kendrick for a Harmony project, so when the company went out of business, Jak and Mark asked if they could build on what they already had and work on a Grey part. Released early in October, Jak’s part was supported by Nike SB.

The fifth and final part of 2014 was a collaboration between Jethro Coldwell and Jim Craven, to accompany Jethro’s Up interview in Grey vol. 02 issue 06. Released in mid-December and supported by Lakai, Note and Levi’s Skateboarding, Jethro’s Grey part combines technical street skating with rugged Manchester and Stoke spots.

Also worth revisiting are two collaborative videos we released in 2014: Berlin Spring with Converse Cons (filmed and edited by Niki Waltl) and our Pop Recycled remix for Pop Trading Company, edited by Jacob K Brown.