Helena Long Vans collection launch gallery

03.05.2023 Exclusive, Photos

Photography: Griffiths

Watch Robin Pailler’s short film about Helena & her new Vans collection (in shops now) here.

Tom Botwid surprising Helena with a wall of limited Poetic Collective board at Brixton’s Baddest.
Helena’s Poetic Collective boards with illustrations by her bandmate, Laur.
Helena, Daphne Greca & Cece Asembo outside Brixton’s Baddest.
Helena, Cece & Dapne checking out Helena’s window display.
Helena on the mic.
Vans brought along a new flat rail…
Helena encouraged kids to skate…
… in order to win a pair of her shoes.
Amy Ram, tailblock.
Dan Tabakin, invert.
Conor Charleson, 360 flip fakie.
Daniel Miltiadou, crossbone.
Rio Obyrne, indy.
Kane Blu, caveman part 01.
Kane Blu, caveman part 02.
Helena sporting her new pants & shoes...
… and popping bottles.
A large queue for Elliot Cunningham‘s barbeque.
Attendees enjoying a much-appreciated free meal.
Stockwell in the evening light.
Daniel Miltiadou, backside 360.
Jordan Marowitch, frontside bluntslide.
Nick Sharratt, backside smith grind.
People gather outside Brixton’s Baddest for the Upset Stomach show.
Upset Stomach live.
Helena on the drums.
Upset Stomach’s Laur, who also illustrated Helena’s Vans collection.
Brixton’s Baddest was packed.
The crowd spilled out on to the street.
Conor pouring himself a complimentary espresso martini supplied by Solo.
Rafal Wojnowski & Nathalie von Rotz.
Dave Morgan visiting from Berlin.
An excited crowd as the entertainment drew to a close.
Amy Ram surfing.
Daryl Dominguez enjoying the chaos.