25.09.2023 News

This one might just have you considering a move to Glasgow. KG1000 is a new video by Simie, filmed exclusively at Kelvingrove park between April-September 2023. Featuring: Rory Muirhead, Harvey Lenton, Cameron Lenton, TJ, DJ, Alex Lang, Calvin Condie, Neil Kellas, Saul Crumlish, Jamal Jabbar Junior, Mark Thompson, Crae, Thomas Connolly, Ronan O’Connor, Tam Roulston, Perry, Fraser McIlroy, Tom ‘T.Rex’ Cummings, Graham Anderson, Russell Patterson, Robbie Johnston, Myles Shankie, Finn Dove, Dylan Esposito, Lucas, Louie, Aurora, Paddy, Patrick, Rab Milne, Declan Welsby, Scott Anderson, Mark Foster, Guy Scroggie, Sam Bessa Reader, Bass, Mike Cassidy, Jamie Johnson, Kai TJ Shannon, Kit Patterson, Aaron Patterson, Fergus, Johnny Brown, Stewart Cheng, Nutty, Sean Munro, Paul, James Lord, Cammy, Feddie Lusk & Jake Wason. Artwork & titles by Spencer. Drone shote by Finn Dove.