Kiernan McGinnis – Budget Junglizm

15.02.2024 Exclusive, Videos

We are excited to present Budget Junglizm, a video starring Kiernan McGinnis filmed between Philadelphia, NYC & Kiernan’s home town, Denver. Among many highlights, including an impressive ender at Pyramid Ledges, the part features lots of great footage at Muni, sadly now demolished. Ryan Higgins added some Sabotage Productions flavour during editing.

Filmed by: Izzy Trudeau, Djtraceman, Andrew Meyer, DJ Sellers, Justin Greer & Blaine Williams. Additional filming: Orange, AJ Mac, Timmy Stevens, Tyler Dietterich & Mikey Blawa. Edited by: Kiernan McGinnis. Additional editor: Ryan Higgins. Guest skaters: Alex Dorio, Isaiah Stines & Brice Barday. Music: Tracker & 34 Budget Junglizm by Djblackops.