Mátyás Ricsi – Rios Crew part

05.04.2021 Exclusive, Videos

You may have seen Mátyás, long-time member of Budapest, Hungary’s Rios Crew in Grey vol. 05 issue 02 last summer. He featured in our Feature ’New World Undergound – Medium’s Last Tour’, and also served as an excellent tour guide for that trip. Since then Mátyás has been spending his weekends in the city with Rios filmer (and now photographer) Bence Bálint, working on his new 5-minute part, which is, as you’d expect from Bence, raw, atmospheric and somehow totally unique in today’s over-saturated skateboard media. We didn’t recognise one spot, which is a testament to Mátyás’ tireless spot hunting and there is a theme of narrow, dangerous spots high up.

Read our interview with Mátyás and look at some photos by Bence here.