Monstro de Tokyo film

26.09.2023 Exclusive, Videos

We are pleased to present Monstro De Tokyo, a short film by Rémi Luciani filmed in & around Tokyo during April 2023. It’s the latest in Rémi & Leo Valls’ Monstro series, through which the two aim to create connections with like-minded skaters worldwide.

Starring: Akira Imamura, Shintaro Hongo, Masaki Hongo, Stinky Eagle, Jesse Narvaez & Leo Valls. Also featuring: Hiroki Muraoka, Kento Yoshioka, Leo Ikawa, Shogo Zama, Shin No Sketchy, Ty Beall & Brandon Turner.

Check out our Monstro de Tokyo Feature from Grey vol. 05 issue 19, including an interview with Rémi, Leo & photographer Nobuo Iseki & lots of photos form the project by Nobuo, here.