Open Return – Ace Trucks

25.09.2023 News

Open Return, the new video by Lucien Parsons for Ace Trucks introducing the UK team, is live. Featuring: Twigy, Atlantic Johnson, Daryl Dominguez, Jarrad Carlin, Alice Smith, Charlie Birch, Chris Pulman, Billy Trick, harry Lintell, Matlok Bennett-Jones, Dead Dave, Mike Arnold, Bear Myles, Henry Gibbs, Jordan Thackeray, Jordan Lightowler, Ben Broyd, Jay Lentern, Zach Smith & Amy Ram. Filmed by: Lucien Parsons, Sirus F Gahan, Will Miles, Victor Kretsis, James Cruickshank, Baghead Crew, Jackson Davis, Henry Gibbs & Phil Parker. Edited by Lucien Parsons.

Check out our accompanying Feature from Grey vol. 05 issue 16, including lots of photos from the project and an interview with Lucien, here.