Quicksand by Raul Žgomba

14.02.2022 Exclusive, Videos

We are pleased to present Quicksand a new edit from Pula, Croatia-based filmer and VX enthusiast Raul Žgomba. Raul is best known for his brilliant 2019 full-length, Tabula Rasa. He premiered Quicksand at Vladimir VX festival last September.

Quicksand features full parts from Dino Coce and Antonio Peković and appearances from Nikola Racan, Adrian Josipović, Matteo Putigna, Danilo Pisanjuk, Nebojša Resanović, Zvonimir Mikić, Marksy, Filip Tenšek, Patrik Prhat, Martin Tuda, Miro, Roni Grunner, Raul Žgomba and Elvis Butković.

Read our short interview with Raul about the project by Vladimir Film Festival co-founder and filmmaker Nikola Racan here.