Rugged Raw 3 in full

03.02.2022 News

Vague uploaded Jake Martinelli’s banging full-length Rugged Raw 3 in full.

Featuring: Josh Cox, Jak Pietryga, Joe Sivell, Alex Gocke, Set Roy, Harry Hughes aka YuYu Rosemary, Dave Vise and Jake Martinelli himself! Alongside guest appearances by more top fellas such as Nuno Miguel de Barros Da Silva, Chadsy, Paul Storey, Horsey, Bell, Calum Simpson, Dan West, Jess Young, Daryl Dominguez, Harley Miller, Chicken, Nick Remon, Chris Fox, Chris Morgan, Caradog Emanuel, Carlos Cardenosa, Saimon Oliveira, Ben Rowley, Gunz and many more.

Read Jono Coote’s interview with Jake about the project here. You can purchase a DVD copy here.