Selected Contributors

01.02.2012 News

Sam Ashley

Arguably the UK’s best skateboard photographer, Sam was photo editor at Document magazine before moving over to Sidewalk and Kingpin in late 2008.  We asked Sam to pitch an idea for a photo feature for The Edition and he came up with a London-based sequel to Nike SB’s ‘One Night in Paris’.

Ben Powell

Few people have contributed as much to the UK skate scene as Ben Powell. He has held the role of editor at Sidewalk magazine since it was founded in 1995, and worked for RAD magazine before that. For The Edition, we asked Ben to interview his good friend and fellow Yorkshireman, Tom Harrison, about balancing the life of a sponsored skater with that of a successful young entrepreneur.

Jacob Sawyer

Anyone who spends any time in London’s Slam City Skates will know Jacob Sawyer, veteran shop employee and dedicated skate rat. Jacob wrote a couple of pieces for The Edition, our favourite being an article about The Pool, a temporary BMX park in a derelict ‘70s swimming pool in Dagenham. Luckily a couple of nights last summer were set aside for skateboarding…

Mark Whiteley

Mark was editor at Slap magazine, before recently taking a position at Nike SB taking care of social media. Slap was a breath of fresh air in the skateboard media, a magazine featuring everyone you wanted to see, great writing, arty photos and a raw, zine-like feel. For The Edition, we asked Mark to write about last summer’s epic three-day launch of the P-Rod 5 shoe in Barcelona.

Wig Worland

Wig is very well-respected within the field of skateboard photography, credited for pushing the technical side and always interested in the next piece of kit that could help achieve a sharper, better-lit image. We asked Wig and Colin Kennedy to choose some of their favourite photographs from Colin’s lengthy professional career for his retrospective in The Edition.