Skateboard Cafe in Bristol

20.02.2019 Exclusive, Articles, Vol. 04 issue 08

All photos by James Griffiths unless otherwise stated. Watch Ensemble, the new Skateboard Cafe promo, here.

Free also published a related photo gallery from a trip to Vigo, Spain last year.

Ollie Lock, frontside 360, Nelson Street, Kingsford.
Sam Nobbs, wallie, College Green, Griffiths.
Dom Henry, switch frontside flip, St Pauls, Kingsford.
Josh Arnott, wallie, Clifton, Kingsford.
Korahn Gayle, backside noseblunt slide transfer, Little Lloyds, Kingsford.
Sam Nobbs, impossible, College Green, Griffiths.
Harry Ogilvie, layback ollie, Redland, Griffiths.