Slam City Skates GSD 2022

29.06.2022 Exclusive, Articles
Darius Trabalza, backside lipslide, Tower of London

Photography: Worland
Words: Sawyer

For Go Skateboarding Day this year we stripped things back and embarked on a mellow, but rewarding expedition. We enlisted Slam team and family to see what we could gather on a simple trip through the city. Our day started by meeting at our east London shop and there was a heavy crew out in full force. Jak Pietryga, Darius Trabalza, Neil Smith, Helena Long, Jeremy Jones, Amanda Perez, Jamie Arghhh, Tom Tanner, Nick Stansfield, Jarrad Carlin, Nick Jensen and Rob Mathieson were all along for the ride. We were also excited to have legendary lensman Wig Worland with us shooting photographs. Wig’s presence made it feel like one of the many weekends we were out there decades ago. Slam has years of shared history with Wig so to have him out there with us was really special.

One advantage of having such a tight knit crew out there on a weekday was what we got away with. We kept it moving, crossed some serious spots of the list, and weren’t kicked out of anywhere. We even got a stretch in at the Barbican, a bust at the best of times. This Go Skateboarding Day managed to tap back into the essence of what skateboarding always was for many of us. Meet at the shop, pick a direction and see what the city serves us up for the day. Having the Slam squad together sharing that old exploration blueprint made it a memorable one. We hope the iPhone edit we put together, and the photos shot make you want to get out there and do the same thing. Here are a selection of images from Wig Worland who captured key moments on our journey.

Jeremy Jones, frontside wallride nollie, Museum of London
Darius Trabalza, frontside flip, Monument
Helena Long, pivot, Barbican
Amanda Perez, frontside feeble, Barbican
Jak Pietryga, switch crooked grind, Clerkenwell