Stephen Fox The Motion Picture

18.10.2021 Exclusive, Videos

We are pleased to present Stephen Fox The Motion Picture, a film by Jackson Davis starring Sox. Stephen Fox was screened at Fort Forno at Vladimir Film Festival in Croatia last month. The opening sequence was filmed at the fort, which was built in 1904, during the 2019 festival.

We asked Jackson about the project:

“We’ve been filming this video for as long as we’ve known each other. We met in Bilbao in 2018, I was filming for the Lovenskate video and Sox is good friends with Jordan, Alex etc. so he met us out there. We got on really well and stacked a few homie clips, but we kept a few aside for some reason, like to give to a sponsor or whatever. Since then we’d just film clips whenever we were together, mainly because it was so much fun. And when it rained we’d play chess and watch ‘Albion’.

I made a timeline with what we had and a jungle tune we’d had on in the car or something, and I think since then it’s been a thing to work towards for ourselves. Sox would come stay with me in London pretty regularly, sometimes with, sometimes without Jordan, and we’d skate in the city or get in the car and drive to a spot or a weird skatepark or DIY and pretty much always come away with something.

We’ve piggy backed off some trips too – just smuggle the VX along sneak some clips in then back to HD. Stacked a lot in Switzerland last summer that way. Safe Alan.”

Guest skaters: Scotty Gilbert Balks, Julian Dykmans, Alex Hallford, Brendan Watson, Ben Broyd, Elliott Auffray, Jordan Thackeray, Toby Gozzett, Stu Smith and Taylor Jones. Additional filming: Sox & Tidy Mike (Pearson). Portrait by Jackson Davis.