Supra X Note GSD

16.06.2015 News

cX7hc8sIDHMLKHIrPf0LNHER0BA1QBTqqbjBu-jut9wVOhrClRhbHAdWlFqMmRRJTEaMwrhTlNpe03mGKhX3oBou5qeX4fYT1T-lmWJGKNqMBfDUp64whV90XRp05q52oo7VkWD0s7UTviS2-ehM1LKbmW7zx2x1ZYCbugr9JYH-gShsxaDfek8Mn3MXVrQV-vc2zRy65moH-lMagq386hJWSupra has organised a Go Skateboarding Day event with Note skate shop in Manchester this Sunday. Meet at the Note’s Tib Street shop at 12.30 and join Join Erik Ellington, Lizard King, Lucien Clarke, Dee Ostrander and Pat Rumney skating through the city, ending with a barbeque at Platt Fields skatepark. More information above.