The Colossus Video

03.04.2024 News

The Colossus Video is a labour of love by Tristan Tutak, filmed over five years in London. The video features The Skate Colossus crew, friends & affiliates, who, with an average age well into the 40s & barely a sponsor between them, are, like Tristan, in it for the love.

Featuring: Joe Atherton, Cieran Bermingham, Tim Tutak, Tristan Tutak, Joe Townsend, Ashley Fletcher, Sam Earl, Ed Davis, Bill Porter, Henry Kingsford, Monse Villegas, Milo Bragg, Nick Sharratt, Ben Hull, Jacob Brown, David Eggleton, Bradley Griffiths, Richard Pullinger, Craig Smith, Will Harmon, Tom Lock, Sam Charleton, Tim Alexander, Sol Gregory Cundy, Mia Gurary, Yolanda Imoke, Tom Pickard, Rich de Courcy & Siggy Tvete.