The New Normal – Note Shop

20.03.2021 News

Manchester’s Note Shop just released a new full-length, filmed and edited by Joe Gavin. The New Normal features features Ricky Davidson, Reuben Horvath, Dom Henry, Zane Crowther, Jim Craven, Ben Grove, Chris Maddox, Lewis Threadgold and Joe O’Donnell alongside Matthew Nevitt, Joe Gavin, Ian Williams, Charlie O’Donnell, Jed Coldwell, Keanu Robson, Sam Bottenburg, Phoenix Luke, Blister, Gaz Eyers, John Bell, Kizzy Yuill, Mark Kendrick, William Collins, Jay Stone and many more. Filmed in Manchester and Stockport between June 2019 and and March 2021. Dedicated to Chris Barrett.

As expected from the Note crew there are good vibes aplenty throughout and lots of amazing skateboarding. It looks like the scene in Manchester is as strong as ever. Making a full-length during the pandemic is quite an achievement, as is filming throughout the British winter (see Grove’s part, which was filmed in five days), so respect to all involved. Check the YouTube description for some interesting facts about The New Normal.