Vans Skateboarding Presents: Nice To See You

14.10.2021 News

Vans‘ much-anticipated new full-length is live and it does not disappoint. Nice To See You showcases Vans riders around the world, rather than focusing on the US, and is co-directed by filmmakers based in different countries – Tommy Zhao, Shari WhitePaul Labadie and MaxPack, George Kousoulis, Daniel Dent and Kyota Kamei – under the supervision of Greg Hunt.

Nice To See You features Adelaide Norris, Alexey Krasniy, Breana Geering, Chima Ferguson, Daiki Hoshino, Diego Todd, Digby Luxton, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Nick Michel, Notis Aggelis, Pedro Delfino, Rio Morishige, Ronnie Sandoval, Shogo Zama, Simon Zuzic, Una Farrar and Wang Guohua with cameos from many more Vans riders and friends. As you might expect from that line-up, there is a lot of incredible skateboarding to take in.