We Are Supra Euro Tour

20.09.2017 News

unnamedSupra announced a European tour, starting 25th September in Lisbon, Portugal. Along for the ride are: Jim Greco, Lizard King, Dane Vaughn, Sascha Delay, Oscar Candon, Spencer Hamilton and new team members Windsor James and Clint Walker. There will be skate sessions, signings, meet and greets, giveaways and after parties. Itinerary below. Check @supraskateboarding / #wearesupra on Instagram for more information / updates.

25/09 – Bana skate shop, Lisbon, Portugal – Hip Hop after party with Supra’s ambassador Dj Maskarilha
27/09 – Kate skate shop, Porto, Portugal
29/09 – Curb skate shop, Gent, Belgium
29/09 – Rampaffairz skate park, Wevelgem, Belgium
30/09 – Byrrrh skate park, Brussels, Belgium
02/10 – Jemmapes / Vega skate shop, Paris, France
03/10 – Supra Paris, France – After party with Kraken Rum cocktails, Hotel Radio Paris & Manast LL
05/10 – Planet Sports, Berlin, Germany