‘Where the Land Meets the Sea’ by Jim Craven

11.03.2022 News

During the summers of 2020 and 2021, between coronavirus lockdowns, members of the UK Vans skate team wild camped their way around the English and Welsh coastlines skating sea wall spots and old military structures along the way. 

Conditions were unglamorous. The spots were rugged and unconventional, forcing them to think outside the box. They slept on uneven hillsides after setting up camp late at night, often in the rain. They endured trench foot, greasy English breakfasts and miles upon miles on the road (2124 miles to be exact).

Despite all the hardship they managed to hit a smorgasbord of spots along the way – some familiar, some remote, one or two maybe even previously untouched. But more importantly they got to enjoy the beautiful and varied scenery our coast has to offer and reconnect with nature after months of lockdowns and restrictions.

Filmed and edited by Jim Craven. Featuring: Laneon Belasco, Filmed and edited by Jim Craven. Featuring: Laneon Belasco, Tom Delion, Daryl Dominguez, Conor Charleson, Tom Delion, Daryl Dominguez, Aaron Jago and Josh Young.

Read our Where the Land Meets the Sea Feature from Grey vol. 05 issue 11 here. Look out for a limited run of newsprint photo ‘zines with photos from the project, in shops soon.