Ben Raemers gallery

14.05.2021 Exclusive, Photos

We lost Ben two years ago today.

The Ben Raemers Foundation aims to enable the skateboarding community to have opportunities to develop the skills and tools needed to support each other to understand and address mental health. Please take a look at the Foundation’s new site and if you can, make a donation to support the great work they are doing.

Here are some photos of Ben that appeared in Grey over the years plus a few previously unseen shots.

Fence bash, Archway, 2012, Kingsford
Backside nosegrind, Tottenham, 2012, Kingsford
Haywards Heath, 2014, Kingsford
5-0, Tottenham, 2014, Kingsford
Barbican, 2015, Kembery
Frontside air, Harrow, 2017, West
Pole jam, Gatwick, 2017, West
Mayday, Haywards Heath, 2017, West
Mayday, Haywards Heath, 2017, Kingsford
Backside smith grind, Bloomsbury, Kingsford
Frontside wallride, Bloomsbury, 2017, Kingsford
Tailbone, Tottenham, 2017, Kingsford
Ollie to ledge ride, Brick Lane, 2017, Kingsford
Wallride yank, Manchester, 2017, Kingsford
Rock rag in, Newcastle, 2017, Kingsford
Tottenham, 2018, Kingsford
Backside disaster, Tottenham, 2018, Kingsford
Tailbone, Tottenham, 2018, Kingsford
Peckham, 2018, Kingsford
Nosebone, Lisbon, 2018, Kingford
Mayday, Tottenham, 2018, Kingsford
Frontside air, Tottenham, 2018. Kingsford
Ollie, Leyton, 2018, Kingsford
Backside tailslide, Homerton, 2019, Wojnowski
Ollie, Homerton, 2019, Wojnowski
Clapton, 2019, Wojnowski