Berlin 2011 – gallery

29.06.2020 Exclusive, Photos

A gallery of photos from our extended stay in Berlin during the summer of 2011. Some were published in Grey issue 06, some didn’t make the cut. Watch Jacob Harris’ accompanying film here.

Photography: Kingsford

Sylvain Tognelli, frontside feeble grind, Fritz-Schloß Park
Remy Taveira, backside smith grind, Fritz-Schloß Park
Horsey, backside smith grind, Potsdamer Platz
Boots, backside tailslide, Kottbusser Tor
Simon Evans, Kreuzberg
Sylvain Tognelli, backside noseblunt, Schwartzkopffstraße
Tom Knox, fakie ollie, Neue Nationalgalerie
Sylvain Tognelli, ollie, Schöneweide
Will Harmon, switch crooked grind, Potsdam
Tom Knox, fakie flip, Gleisdreieck
Sylvain Tognelli, switch 5-0, Tegel