City Mill Skate Dots and Lockdown

26.04.2021 Exclusive, Videos

Just over one year on from the UK’s first coronavirus lockdown, City Mill Skate, the UCL-funded research project which aims to build a series of ‘skate dots’ in London’s Olympic Park, released a new film. City Mill Skates Dots and Lockdown charts the progress of the project from early 2020 to the present day, with particular attention to the advent of coronavirus related restrictions in March 2020 and the profound effect that social distancing, skatepark closures and other measures had upon young people, London’s skateboard community, and a result, the City Mill Skate project too.

To find out more about City Mill Skate, skate dots and how the people behind the project adapted to the pandemic, read our in-depth article ‘What are Skate Dots?’ here.