Five Years of Grey mixtape

24.12.2015 Exclusive, Videos

Jacob K Brown put together this mixtape of footage from the various clips Grey has released over the past five years.

Filmed by: Jim Craven, James Cruickshank, Henry Edwards-Wood, Philip Evans, Sirus F Gahan, Mark Jackson, Mark Kendrick, Will Miles and Niki Waltl.

Featuring: Kyron Davis, Lucien Clarke, Boots, Casper Brooker, Jak Pietryga, Nick Jensen, Tom Harrison, Joe Gavin, Dom Henry, Jethro Coldwell, Joe O’Donnell, Ollie Lock, Jamie Platt, Mike Arnold, Rory Milanes, Darius Trabalza, Danny Sommerfeld, Harry Lintell, Jeremy Jones, Charlie Young, Jerome Campbell, Luka Pinto and John Bell.

Last of the Mojitos, Damon Brown, 33jazz Records.
Neighborhood Extension, written and produced by Juergen Junker, Neurhythmics Recordings.
Carmine, FIT Siegel, FIT SOUND (buy here).

Check out Grey Vimeo and Youtube channels for full edits.

Five Years of Grey photo gallery by Henry Kingsford to accompany the edit here.