Hot as Hell – Vans in Malaysia film

09.02.2023 Exclusive, Videos

We are pleased to present Hot as Hell, a film documenting our trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in May 2022 with Conor Charleson & Mikey Patrick to visit Vans teammate Don Irfan. We spent two weeks in the city – with a quick road trip through Malacca & Port Dickson – skating with locals & Vans riders visiting from elsewhere in the region. Local filmmakers Tep York & Nizam Hisham documented our visit.

Featuring: Conor Charleson, Don Irfan, Mikey Patrick, Fikri Fauzi, Rubianda, Porock Luis, Azhan Firdaus, Koya Miyasaka, Shah Ramadhan & Ian Iman. Filmed by Tep York & Nizam Hisham. Additional filming: Mark Khor.

Check out our ‘Hot as Hell Feature’ from Grey vol. 05 issue 15, including an interview with Don Irfan & Tep York and lots of photos by Henry Kingsford, here.