Steph Morgan Three Clips

15.07.2011 Exclusive, Articles

Portrait Henry Kingsford

We asked Familia and DC rider Steph Morgan to pick his Three Clips. You can watch him in the Familia promo Feeder here.

Danny Renaud, Mosaic

This is the first part I saw of Danny Renaud and I think it’s his best. He has such a good style and he skates so many cool spots in this section. The line with the nollie frontside 180 down those stairs cruising down the street is the best! Also the song by Cymande is super good and fits his skating perfectly.

Alex Davis, Remix

Another dude from Habitat. I only just saw this section recently and really liked it. This part gets me hyped to travel and skate some different stuff. The nollie backside nosegrind on the ledge Rory (Milanes) did switch flip back tail on is a joke; he almost grinds the whole thing!

JB Gillet, Freedom Fries

JB Gillet is so smooth with the best style and always has great trick selection. You know anything you see from him is going to be good. The switch front tail to back tail in this section is perfection!