Vans Park Series Paris 2019 gallery

12.08.2019 Exclusive, Photos

We spent last week in Paris for the fourth Vans Park Series qualifier of 2019. The action took place outside the city at the new outdoor facility at Cosa Nostra skatepark in Chelles. 10-year-old Kokona Hiraki (Japan) won the women’s final while Cory Juneau (USA) won the mens’. There are lots of video hightlights over at the VPS site, where the live streams from the finals are also still available.

Photography: Henry Kingsford

Shani Bru, frontside air
Spencer Breaux, backside air
Lovenskate‘s customised shoelace workshop
Kokona Hiraki, frontside ollie
Daniela Torel Mendez, backside 360
Roman Pabich, backside air
Robin Bolian, backside 360
Raney Beres, indy nosebone
Keegan Palmer, frontside ollie
Karl Berglind, frontside air
Yndiara Asp, boneless
Kokona Hiraki, backside melon
Yndiara Asp, Texas plant
Lizzie Armanto, backside tailslide
Daniela Torel Mendez, indy
Kokona Hiraki
Tristan Rennie, nosebonk / grind tailgrab
Cory Juneau, one-foot
Cory Juneau, frontside kickflip
Keegan Palmer, late shove-it
Jake Wooten, 360 flip
Alex Sorgente, ollie to tail