Vans presents: Briberies

13.04.2023 News

Briberies is a video by Joubert van Staden for Vans with parts from three of South Africa’s rising stars (and close friends), Ethan Cairns, Devandre Galant & Alex Williams. Filmed in and around Cape Town between 2021-23, the standard of skating throughout is incredible. Briberies also features: Thalente Biyela, Tkay Modise, Kyle Kheswa, Joubert van Staden, Trae Rice, Yann Horowitz, Melissa Williams, Chenai Gwandure & Daniel Miltiadou.

Check out our corresponding Feature from Grey vol. 05 issue 17, with photography by Grant McLachlan & David Shiffman and an interview with Ethan, Devandre & Alex, here.

Thumb photo: Shiffman.