Vans Shop Riot Finals 2019 gallery

30.10.2019 Exclusive

This year’s Vans Shop Riot finals at Amsterdam’s Skatepark Noord kicked off with a cash-for-tricks mini-ramp jam on Friday evening, with Simon Karlsson and Robin Bolian raising the biggest cheers, before everyone made their way over to the Klaproos restaurant for pizza, a Jacob Ovgren (of Polar Skate Co. graphic fame) art show and ping pong. With the exception of a dislocated elbow, the finals on Saturday went smoothly and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, particularly Holland’s Burnside team and their enthusiastic supporters. One thing we particularly enjoyed was the Red Arrows-approach Israel’s Gilis team employed, following each other around the course in formation, skating the same obstacle back-to-back. In the end, the Venero (Spain) team’s technical mastery earned them first place with Belgium’s Skate Boutique taking second and Burnside third. The day ended with a hectic, open-to-all best trick competition before an after-party – and Toy Machine Programming Injection premiere – at Sexyland. Thank you Vans for a fun weekend

Photography: Veldman & Kingsford

Mini-ramp jam participants and spectators, Veldman
Crowd favourite Simon Karlsson, Veldman
Flatspot’s Matt Beer, Veldman
Alex Forbes (Vans) rewards Matt Beer, Veldman
Jacob Ovgren at his show, Veldman
More Ovgren, Veldman
Gosha Konyshev, kickflip frontside tailslide fakie for Oktyabr, Kingsford
Simon Karlsson, kickflip for Junkyard, Kingsford
Switch 50-50 for Slut, Kingsford
Rob Maatman, backside smith grind for Burnside, Veldman
Rob Maatman and Bert Roeterdink, Kingsford
Matt Beer, hurricane for Flatspot, Veldman
Axel Cruysberghs, ollie, Veldman
Rob Maatman, frontside noseblunt slide for Burnside, Veldman
 Adriel Parmisano, backside smith grind for Venero, Veldman
The Venero team celebrating first place, Veldman
Simon Karlsson, backside noseblunt during best trick, Veldman
Burnside’s Lars De Weerd floating backside, Kingsford
Mika Germond, invert for Wallstreet, Kingsford
Simon Karlsson, frontside kickflip, Kingsford
Kiril Korobkov and Chris Pfanner, Veldman
Evelien Bouilliart, Veldman
Rob Smith’s board, Veldman