HELride 2019 gallery

14.07.2019 Exclusive, Photos

James Griffiths spent last week at HELride, Helsinki’s annual skate event – similar in spirit to CPH Open (free, open and somewhat wild) – which this year included stops at well-known downtown street spots, a big event at the Suvilahti DIY and last but not least, the KOFF race, organised by our friend Marc-Antoine Marcoux. Many thanks to Samu Karvonen and everyone else who helped organise this year’s HELride.

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Photography: James Griffiths

Aresh Koushesh, gap to backside tailslide, downtown
Simon Karlsson, kickflip
Simon Karlsson, backside tailslide
Joel Juuso, pop shove-it nosegrind
Kevin Baekkel, backside disaster
Eniz Fazliov, ollie in
Yann Horowitz, frontside ollie
Dlamini Dlamini, nollie heelflip
Madars Apse, switch ollie
Dlamini Dlamini, frontside kickflip
Dlamini Dlamini, backside nollie flip
Amy Ram, footplant fakie
Dario Mattarollo, backside nosegrind
Kevin Baekkel, axel stall yank
Kevin Baekkel, pivot pop-in
Sam Beckett, nosepick
Sam Beckett, backside tail stall
Eniz Fazliov, 5-0 stall
Kevin Baekkel, nosepick
Yann Horowitz
Eniz Fazliov, backside nosegrind revert
Yann Horowitz, hippy jump
Simon Karlsson, ollie
Samu Sundell, benihana
Daryl Dominguez, kickflip