Octagonal Bowl photos

22.01.2016 Exclusive, Articles

This Wednesday, Converse Cons held the premiere of its One Star World Tour video in Berlin. To mark the occasion, a special Octagonal Bowl was constructed and a photo show from the tour installed. Below are some of Reece Leung‘s photos from the Bowl. Anyone in London this evening can catch the UK premiere of the One Star World Tour video at Parlour Presents. Details here.

DavidStenstromFrontTailDavid Stenström,  frontside tailslide.

ArthurDerrienSwitchMaydayArthur Derrien, switch mayday.

TomRemillardFsAirTom Remillard, frontside air.

RemyKickflipFlatGapRemy Taveira, kickflip.

DavidStenstromFakieOllieDavid Stenström, fakie ollie.

RemyBackNosebluntRemy Taveira, backside noseblunt.